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Denture Repairs

Mouthpiece and Denture Repair

The dental practice of Dr David Hazan specialized in emergency denture repair in Orlando, FL. A denture repair should be done as quickly as possible in order to prevent injuries inside the mouth. We can have your denture fixed and available for you to use within a day so there is no need to risk your health because you think that repairs will take too much time out of your schedule.

Quite a few people wear partial dentures and these prosthetic devices are found in people of all ages. Dentures are cheaper and less invasive than implants. This is one reason why people who use them prefer this alternative. Usually, dentures last for many years. However, in rare situations they may be subjected to immense shock or trauma and break as a result.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

  • Can I use super glue to repair my dentures?

    No. Dr. David Hazan DMD will work to ensure that you get your denture repairs done as quickly as possible. He serves patients in Orlando, Longwood, Lake Mary, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs. You may need to use your dentures and may feel at a loss without them. However, Super Glue and certain other adhesives may damage your dentures and force you to spend more money.
  • I need to attend a public event soon. Will my dentures be fixed in time?

    The extent of the damage to your dental device will determine how quickly denture repairs can be done. Typically, repairs are completed within an hour. More complex repairs usually take a day or two.
  • I only have a hairline crack in my dentures. Do I still need to have them fixed?

    Yes. You should see your dentist as soon as possible. Hairline cracks indicate that your dentures are rocking while you eat.

Types of Fractures Which are Commonly Seen in Dentures

Dentists typically do emergency denture repairs in a wide range of situations. Hairline cracks usually take an hour or so to be fixed. If your denture is completely broken in half the repairs will take longer. If your denture has been broken into pieces those sections must fit together if you want your device to be fixed. If they cannot be aligned, a completely new impression will have to be made of your mouth so that your dentist can be sure that the dental appliance will be right for you.

Usually, a set of dentures will not just break without a reason, even if it is dropped by accident. In cases where these devices are broken into several pieces, they may have been subjected to undue stress due to an improper fit. Over time, a person's body may change slightly and relatively minor alterations may cause a dental appliance to become loose. Other teeth around the appliance may also become worn with time and this may affect your fit and result in breakage.

Dentists usually do denture repairs with acrylic or with a special bonding solution. Denture adhesives are also used alongside professional quality replacement teeth where this is required. Having a repair job done by a trained professional is better than attempting it yourself at home. Sometimes there are changes in your dentition which you may not be aware of. A doctor can pick these up more easily than you will. They will also use materials which are of a higher quality and less likely to cause damage to your mouth.