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Endodonics and Root Canals

Root Canal DiagramDr. David Hazan DMD performs complex root canals in Orlando almost every day. A root canals involves removing infected pulp from root of a tooth, so that your body can easily begin healing itself. Pain is often the first indicator that damage has been done to a tooth through decay or injury. Unfortunately, many people don't feel any sort of discomfort until the condition of the pulp has deteriorated significantly.

A root canal is also referred to as endodontic treatment and by doing it, your endodontist can help you save your tooth. It usually involves a couple of visits to your dentist and a local anesthetic is applied so you don't feel any tenderness during the procedure. People who do not have root canals when they become necessary are at risk of losing their beautiful smiles. Infections at the base of the tooth can also travel through the blood and affect vital organs. Dr. David Hazan DMD help adults and children throughout Orlando, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park and Longwood, FL.

Frequent Questions

  • My tooth has changed color. What does that mean?

    Teeth which are infected sometimes change color when the pulp is dying. This is a definite sign that root canal treatment is necessary and is the result of extensive nerve damage within the tooth. Without a good nerve and blood supply, the tooth will not be able to develop as it should and will become yellow or brown if left untreated.
  • How can the appearance of teeth be adjusted after injury?

    Bleaching can be used on a traumatized tooth to restore your appearance. However, it most cases once a crown or veneer is used the discoloration will no longer be noticeable.
  • How long will the results of a root canal last?

    People who have had root canals are usually able to keep their own teeth for decades. Dr. David Hazan DMD can answer any questions that you have about the procedure.

About Our Endodontic Treatment

Endodontic treatment protects your tooth from further damage. Dr. Hazan will first take the inflamed pulp out of the cavity inside your tooth. The area is then disinfected thoroughly to ensure that no germs remain behind. An inert substance which is known as gutta-percha is used to fill the empty space. This rubberlike material helps to provide support to your tooth on the inside. Its rubbery consistency makes it easy for it to absorb shock and prevent damage from impact.

Dentists also give extra protection to the tooth by using a crown or filling. Fillings are usually more affordable and this is one reason why some patients prefer that option. Crowns must be used in situations where there is too much decay and a cover is needed to help hold the remaining dentin and enamel together in one piece.

People who do root canals when they are necessary are more likely to keep their own teeth for longer. They can chew properly and the natural latex which is used to give the tooth support allows them to bite down with the same force that they used before doing the procedure. This means that they can eat their favorite foods comfortably. Doing such a procedure also prevents strain from being put on other teeth.