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Tooth Abscesses and Infections

For Your Mouth's Health

Treating a tooth abscess and infections as quickly as possible improves your overall health. Our dental practice specializes in treating tooth abscesses and infections in Orlando and surrounding cities.

An inflamed tooth can be quite painful and it affects the rest of the body in ways that we often do not think about. Germs from an abscessed tooth can travel through the bloodstream to other tissues, resulting in the development of infections in organs such as the heart.

Abscesses occur at the root of a tooth and usually begin after decay has started in the enamel and dentine. This means that bacteria can also spread to the bone that supports the teeth. On some occasions, this sort of infection may be triggered by a sports injury or some other impact that causes damage inside the mouth.

Frequenly Asked Questions

  • I think I have an abscessed tooth but the pain has stopped. Should I still see the dentist?

    Yes. Sometimes when the root of a tooth has decayed completely, a patient does not feel pain any longer. However, at that time the infection may be quietly spreading through the bone to other parts of the body.
  • Someone I know had a tooth extracted and they were left with an indentation. Can anything be done about that?

    With some patients, extraction is the best way to treat an abscessed tooth and prevent further health complications. Dental implants and dentures can be used to restore your smile after a tooth abscess and infections have been treated in this way.

Woman with cured tooth abscess and infectionEven periodontitis can eventually lead to an abscess so if you notice signs of gum diseases, such as red, inflamed gums, you should speak to your dentist about lifestyle changes that can help. Dr. David Hazan DMD can give sound advice on this and other dental health issues. Dr. Hazan serves Florida residents in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park, Lake Mary & Longwood.

Temporary solutions such as applying clove oil may help to reduce the pain but this will only work for a time. Eventually, you will have to see your dentist and get medical attention. By doing this quickly you will feel less of the horrible, throbbing pain and suffer less damage to your teeth. Pregnant women should be especially proactive in this situation. Pregnancy can make a woman susceptible to a wide range of changes in her dentition which are caused by hormonal fluctuations and some home remedies may be unsafe during pregnancy.

How Dentists Treats Abscesses

The pain that a person with a tooth abscess and infections experiences is due to a number of factors. When pus builds up inside the root of the tooth and cannot escape, it exerts pressure on the surrounding tissues. In some cases, the abscess forms a drain and slowly escapes through a hole in the gums. However, in most situations a dentist has to drain the pus out in order to relieve the pressure inside the bone.

If necessary, a dentist may extract a tooth so that an abscess and infections can drain freely. Dentists will also prescribe antibiotics to help your body fight the infection. This is especially important for pregnant women because in some cases, an abscess and infections can trigger preterm labor. These procedures will help to reduce inflammation in the tooth and also help with swelling in facial areas.