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Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions carry a low risk of long term complications especially when done by a professional dentist in Orlando. It will be a painless process when performed by Dr. David Hazan DMD. It will also take a very short time to heal. The mouth is a very sensitive area of the body.

Tooth Extraction Dental Clinic Patient

A lot of care should be taken when a tooth is being extracted to prevent other problems. Dr. Hazan DMD is one of the best dentists in Orlando. He has offered his services to many clients from Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Winter Park and Longwood. He is the person you should contact in Orlando if you have any dental problem. When you have him extracting your tooth, you can be sure that everything will be done in the best way possible.

Frequenly Asked Questions

  • How long should I wait before taking pain killers after the procedure?

    Don’t wait for pain to knock in before you start taking pain killers. Take painkillers immediately after the procedure. This is because it is usually easier to prevent pain than to make it go away. Simple over-the -counter painkiller are good enough. If antibiotics have been prescribed, follow the instructions given until you finish your dose.
  • How long should it take before I become fully active?

    After the procedure, go home and rest for the rest of the day. Do not engage in any exercise for at least 12 hours. When lying down, keep your head up using pillows. Do not do any heavy lifting for at least 2 days.
  • What kind of foods should I eat?

    You should only eat soft foods and liquid after dental extractions. Avoid sodas and spicy foods. Examples of soft foods and liquid include smoothies, smashed potatoes, soup, milkshakes yoghurts etc. When you do all that you are told, it won’t take long before you heal completely. Typically, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the gum to heal. The bone will take longer.

Causes for dental extractions?

There are many things that can make Dr. Hazan DMD recommend tooth extraction. The most common reason is the decay of a tooth. When a tooth decays to a level where it is impossible to save, you will have no choice but to have the tooth extracted. It is only through extraction that you can prevent infections and eliminate pain. Malfunctioning teeth, impacted teeth, hard to clean teeth are some of the other reasons that can make Dr. David Hazan DMD recommend dental extractions. Also, wisdom teeth have to be removed to prevent infection or inflammation. He can never recommend extraction if there is something that can be done to save the tooth.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

A very simple procedure is followed by Dr. Hazan to extract a tooth or teeth. This is becascue he has done very many similar procedures in the past, hence, it will take him only a few minutes to remove any tooth in your mouth. An Xray of the teeth has to be done first. It helps Dr. Hazan to know the structure, position and nature of the tooth that should be extracted. A local anesthetic will then be administered to numb the tooth, bone and gum. You may also be given nitrous oxide to help you with anxiety. When the extraction begins, you will not feel any pain, only pressure.