Can You Get Braces if You Have a Missing Tooth?

Options For Replacing Missing Teeth Maitland, FL

Having a missing tooth can be embarrassing. If you have lost a permanent tooth, you may even find it difficult to eat or speak properly. There are ways you can solve this problem and replace your tooth. However, what happens if many of the remaining teeth are crooked or have other alignment issues? You may wish to get braces to correct these cosmetic challenges. Braces are a good option for many patients, so you should find out whether they work when you have gaps in your mouth.

How braces work

Traditional metal braces have long been an effective way to straighten teeth and correct bite dysfunctions. Braces consist of metal brackets, cemented onto and around the teeth, and metal wires, pulled tight with elastics. The braces put constant pressure on the teeth, forcing them to gradually move into the right places. The treatment time will vary depending on the severity of the patient’s crooked teeth. Most people wear them for two to three years.

How teeth go missing

A missing tooth is normal for children as permanent teeth prepare to replace baby teeth. However, for adolescents and adults, having a missing tooth can hamper self-esteem and affect the person’s oral health. Injuries and accidents, such as a hard blow to the face from a collision, can knock out teeth. Also, poor oral hygiene can weaken the enamel and dentin layers, eventually eroding the teeth. This can cause them to fall out and may also cause bone loss.

When to get braces

Dentists recommend that children as young as age 7 start getting treatment for crooked teeth and bite abnormalities. This may include braces as well as other interventions such as spacers or retainers. People of all ages can wear braces and see positive results at straightening teeth. Even preteens can wear them as the patients are still losing teeth.

Braces and missing teeth

A big advantage that braces have over clear aligners is that a missing tooth should not affect whether treatment is possible. Braces should work well for patients who lost a permanent or baby tooth. If a dentist had to pull a permanent tooth, or if it fell out for any other reason, a spacer can help close the gap. If the issue is severe, the dentist may recommend getting an implant or bridge, which can also work with braces.

Next steps

Patients who have a missing tooth and crooked teeth should meet with their dentist to discuss whether to get braces. The dentist may recommend replacing the tooth first and then putting on braces. The dentist will take X-rays and make impressions of the mouth. The dentist will then be able to make a treatment plan and do what makes sense for the patient’s health and aesthetics.

Do not let a missing tooth hinder your treatment

Crooked teeth stand out and can ruin your smile. Missing teeth can do the same. The good news is that you can have braces even if you have gaps in your mouth. Using spacers, the dentist can close those gaps while continuing to straighten your other teeth with braces.

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