How Dentists Help Ease Dental Anxiety in Patients

Dental Anxiety Maitland, FL

Want to know exactly what having dental anxiety means? This term is used to describe any apprehension someone has when in a dental setting, which can happen before, during and even after going to a dental office. According to the American Dental Association, whatever your reason, the right dental team will make sure your dental and emotional health are taken care of during treatment.

Choosing the right dentist

Looking for a dentist who can address your dental anxiety? Smart. The right dentist will take the time to understand the type and level of any anxiety their patient is experiencing, as this allows them to offer them a type of anxiety treatment that is right for them. Qualities to look for in a new dentist include compassion, honesty, intelligence, patience, good communication skills and overall professionalism.

In-office options for easing anxiety in dental patients

The fact that many dental patients do not know what to do to help them with their anxiety makes it necessary for these patients to find a dentist who knows how to treat patients who experience dental anxiety. The list below includes some of the more common in-office treatment options for addressing dental anxiety in patients.

Pre-treatment dental appointments

A pre-treatment dental appointment, also known as a very detailed consultation appointment, can be very beneficial for many people who experience dental anxiety. All one needs to do is call the dental office and let them know that they would like to schedule a pre-treatment appointment so they can understand exactly what will happen during their next appointment. Patients should feel free to ask as many questions as they want during this first dental appointment.

Create a calming environment

A dental office that offers an overall calming environment proves to be very beneficial to some patients. Calming environments help soothe patients who experience dental anxiety, allowing them to feel a bit calmer once they enter the office. Examples of how to make an environment more calming include playing relaxing music, infusing the office with soothing essential oils and using calming colors like blue, yellow and green.

Distraction techniques

Distracting patients from where they are and what is going to happen is a great way for them to get their minds into a stronger state. This is why many dentists will suggest their patients bring in headphones so they can listen to their favorite music while undergoing any necessary dental procedures. An additional distraction technique includes putting a television in treatment rooms, as patients can watch television to distract them from any dental treatments they need for good oral health.

Are you someone who experiences dental anxiety?

Many dental patients who experience anxiety do not know what to do, with most looking for a natural treatment option that can help them ease their anxious feelings. Now that you have read the above information, you know that there are a few different in-office treatments available for easing dental anxiety in dental patients.

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