How to Care for Your New Dental Implants

Dental implant procedures can be costly and quite involved. Although the procedure is worth every penny, it's extremely important to know how to care for them after the procedure. Proper care of dental implants will ensure that they last forever and provide the benefits that they need to!

The dental implant procedure is seemingly simple, but the aftercare is what could get tricky. Understanding the best ways to care for dental implants will only help a person in the long run. Today, we will go over the best ways to take good care of dental implants each day so that they last forever.

Caring for dental implants

Oral irrigators or water floss

Post dental implant surgery may cause a great deal of discomfort to the patient. However, proper cleaning and maintenance of the entire mouth is still necessary so that bacteria doesn't begin to grow or infections don't form. Oral irrigators are a great tool to invest in because they are gentle on the mouth while also reaching places that are hard to get to. Flossing is important to care for the dental implants but standard floss may be too harsh on the wound. A water flosser will ensure proper cleaning without causing too much pain.

Gauze and ice

Immediately after dental implant surgery can be extremely painful for some. It's important that the gauze within the mouth is checked regularly. Bleeding is quite common after implant surgery so changing out to fresh gauze every thirty minutes is important. Fresh gauze will ensure that infections don't form and that the bleeding eventually comes to a halt.

Ice is another great way to care for the implants and the surrounding area after the surgery. Applying ice compresses on or near the gums and jaw will ensure that inflammation calms down. The ice will also act as a numbing agent so that the pain remains at a minimum.

Mouthwashes or rinses

Regularly rinsing the mouth with a salt water mixture or a mouthwash is extremely vital in caring for the new dental implants. The area around the wound may feel painful meaning that the wound is still healing. With healing wounds, it's very important to ensure that they stay clean. A rinse or mouthwash will ensure that infections don't form and food doesn't get left behind anywhere near the wound.


Dental implants provide great benefits to anyone who needs restorative care for their teeth. However, be prepared to give a great deal of care to the mouth after the surgery. There will be sensitive parts of the mouth, gums, and jaw so ensuring that proper cleaning is done regularly will help to fight off any infections while also keeping the area clean and healthy.

If you still have unanswered questions about caring for your dental implants after surgery, then give us a call today. These procedures can be tough on the mouth and knowing the best way to care for your teeth and gums afterward will be very beneficial. We are happy to assist with this care in any way that we can! Our trained professionals can walk you through every step of the way!

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