How To Prepare for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Maitland, FL

It is common for people to be a bit on edge before having a wisdom tooth extraction. The good news is taking the appropriate precautions generally helps the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Here are some simple ways to prepare for this type of dental procedure. 

Things to avoid before having wisdom teeth removed

Steering clear of these activities can prevent unnecessary complications during the extraction.  

Eating or drinking

It may be important that the stomach is empty before the dental professional begins the tooth removal procedure. Because food and beverages can react negatively with certain types of medication, having anything in the stomach can be potentially life-threatening. To ensure the stomach is completely empty, stop eating and drinking eight hours before the time of the appointment. 

Smoking or alcohol

Any substance with the ability to impair the senses should be avoided before a wisdom tooth extraction. Alcohol and tobacco can cause both medical and behavioral issues that could be risky during even this procedure.

Actions to take prior to wisdom tooth removal 

While some of these may seem like common sense, patients often forget to do them due to preoccupation with the procedure. 

Brush the teeth

The cleaner the teeth are, the less bacteria is floating around in the mouth. Because the mouth will be susceptible to infection during and after having the wisdom teeth removed, less bacteria in the mouth can mean a lower risk of infection after the extraction. 

Bring an adult along

Most of the senses are generally impaired immediately following a wisdom tooth removal, rendering most patients unfit to drive or sometimes even walk unassisted. Have a responsible adult present to help with mobility and transportation after the procedure. 

Wear the right clothing

To keep the heart at an appropriate rate during the extraction, it can be a good idea to wear clothing that is loose and comfortable. Tight clothing can compress the blood vessels and restrict blood flow, causing complications. It can also be helpful to wear a shirt with short sleeves to make it easier to get blood pressure checked or secure monitors.

Use the bathroom

It is impossible to visit the bathroom during the procedure and generally difficult to do directly after the extraction is completed. This means a patient will typically have to wait a few hours in between bathroom visits. Going before the removal can reduce the likelihood of an accident. 

Make any necessary financial arrangements

After the procedure is completed, a patient may remain in a groggy mental state for a few hours. Taking care of any payments or financial transactions before the removal can allow the patient to make more logical decisions.


Although the success or failure of a wisdom tooth extraction does not rest entirely in the hands of the patient, there are steps everyone can take before undergoing this procedure to help reduce the risk of complications and increase the odds of a smooth removal and recovery. 

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