How Visiting a Family Dentist Can Prevent Cavities

Family Dentist Maitland, FL

Family dentistry refers to oral health care that is provided by a dentist who specializes in treating patients of all ages. Most family dentistry practices see adults and children, ensuring a welcoming and positive experience. 

One of the main things that a family dentist focuses on is cavity prevention. The effort made to prevent cavities helps ensure that the teeth remain in good shape in the short term and in the future. Keep reading to learn more about visiting a family dentistry practice for cavity prevention. 

Cavity prevention from a family dentist

Below is a quick overview of how individuals can prevent cavities by visiting a family dentist practice. This information can be helpful to review when looking for ways to keep the teeth in healthy condition.

The examination

Having a family dentist examine the teeth and gums is a great way to prevent cavities. The dentist is trained to know what signs to look for. If any red flags are noticed, then the appropriate measures can be taken to ensure that cavities do not form or get worse if they already exist.  

Having routine appointments at least twice a year will ensure that the dentist has the opportunity to check for any warning signs that may have developed in between appointments. From there, the dentist can administer appropriate preventive treatment, such as dental sealants or a prescribed toothpaste containing fluoride. 

The cleaning

Having the teeth cleaned professionally at least twice a year ensures that the risk of cavities is kept to a minimum. While at-home oral hygiene is ideal for preventing cavities, having a dentist perform an in-depth professional cleaning also helps significantly. Dentists have access to stronger tools and products, both of which go a long way in keeping the teeth in good condition. Any plaque or tartar build-up can be effectively removed, thus preventing them from developing into cavities. 

Other things to know

It can be easy to skip dental appointments because they seem insignificant, but that is far from true. Even just two appointments a year can help keep the teeth in good condition. Additionally, it is necessary to understand that at-home oral hygiene alone is not enough. While the average person may maintain good oral health at home on their own, it is always better to be checked out by a professional. 

Visit a family dentistry practice

When looking to prevent cavities, it is best to visit a family dentistry practice. Examinations and cleanings can be done on a regular basis to ensure that optimal health is achieved and maintained. Additionally, the family dentist can provide feedback for patients so they can practice cavity prevention at home. Reach out today to find out more about family dentistry or to get scheduled for an appointment.

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