The Pros and Cons of Implant Dentures

Implant Supported Dentures Maitland, FL

If you are trying to decide whether to get implant dentures to replace your teeth, you should know how the process works. Patients who are missing all or most of their teeth can restore their smile and the ability to eat and speak. Along with this treatment, there are other ways to accomplish this goal. Knowing the good points and challenging aspects of these dentures can help you make the right decision.

Various teeth-replacement options

Before choosing to get implant dentures, patients should be aware of alternative ways to replace their teeth. Implant dentures use four or more dental implants to anchor the artificial teeth. There are also traditional removable dentures, which rest on the gums. This consists of a gum-colored acrylic base and artificial metal teeth covered in plastic. Patients with a few missing teeth may choose to get a dental bridge instead. This uses artificial teeth anchored on either side by crowns.

Pro: more secure

Because dentures sit on the gums, they can sometimes slip or even fall out. This can happen while the person is eating or speaking. Implant dentures are more likely to stay in place. The implants are deep into the jawbone, supporting the dentures. This also increases the dentures’ strength and durability.

Pro: more comfortable

Traditional dentures tend to cause sores on the gums. People who wear implant dentures should not face this problem. Because these dentures do not rest on the gums, they should not cause this irritation. Patients can become accustomed to these dentures quickly.

Pro: does not cause bone loss

Because implant dentures draw strength from the jaw, patients should not have to worry about bone loss. This can occur with removable dentures. Regular dentures can cause the bone to shrink. The implants will stimulate the bone.

Con: implant dentures take longer to place in the mouth

It can take up to several months to complete this process. It involves an invasive set of steps. After consulting with the dentist, the patient gets X-rays and impressions. The dentist then numbs the patient, cuts into the gums, and inserts screw-like posts deep into the jaw. There is a healing time of four to six months. During this time, the bone fuses to the posts.

The patient then returns to the dentist’s office where the dentist opens the gums again. Abutments attach to the posts. After more healing, the patient comes back to the dentist’s office for another appointment. This time, the dentures are placed on the abutments.

Not removable

Patients who wear implant dentures cannot take them out. This can make it more difficult to clean and maintain them. The only way to remove these dentures is for the dentist to do so. Some patients do not like this lack of flexibility.

Take care of your smile once and for all

It is time to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. Now that you understand the pros and cons, talk to your dentist about what makes the most sense for you. Make an appointment so you can discuss your needs and goals. You can feel good about your decision and correcting your smile.

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