What Options Are Available for Treating a Broken Tooth?

Broken Tooth Maitland, FL

A broken tooth will need several visits to the dentist. The type and length of treatment depend on many factors. These include the location and extent of the damage. The dentist will also check for any infection or decay and any past treatment the tooth had. If you want to find out about the treatment options for your broken tooth, here are the details.


These are quick and permanent treatments for damaged teeth. Each ceramic or porcelain shell is capable of repairing and restoring a broken tooth. The dentist will clean the tooth and shave some of its enamel off first. Removing some of the enamel will provide more room for the veneer. The dentist will then roughen the front surface of the tooth with an etching solution or gel. Roughening the surface will help the veneer attach better to it.

Veneers can only cover the front surface of teeth. Frequent dental visits will make sure the rest of the teeth remain healthy underneath the shells. These shells can cover cracks, chips, fractures, and gaps. Veneers can make teeth look even. A shell can also strengthen the enamel of the broken tooth.

Ceramic filling

A tooth with severe decay is weak. It does not have enough natural tooth structure anymore to function well. Strengthening this broken tooth will need durable ceramic filling. The dentist will clean the tooth and clear away the decayed parts. Disinfection will follow. The dentist will roughen the internal walls with an etching solution or gel.

Roughening the internal walls of the cleaned-out cavity will make the ceramic filling bond better to the broken tooth. The dentist will then place the ceramic filling into the cavity. This treatment option brings back about 98% of the tooth’s durability. It will provide more protection against decay and support while eating.

Root canal

A crack or fracture could reach the tooth’s pulp or root canal. This type of damage will leave the tooth susceptible to bacterial infection. The patient with this type of broken tooth will experience severe dental pain. A root canal procedure will clean out the infection and fill the space with gutta-percha. It will stop the pain. It will also strengthen and protect the tooth from more damage.

Dental crowns

A broken tooth can receive a root canal treatment first. Then, the dentist will recommend the placement of a dental crown to protect and hold the tooth together. A dental crown is custom-fit. It can also restore a tooth with a deep cavity or heavy staining. The dentist will make sure the crown matches the neighboring teeth. This will allow the crowns to blend well with the patient’s natural teeth.

The dentist will shave off much of the existing enamel. This will allow the crowns to fit well over the tooth. Traditional crowns often take weeks to fabricate. Modern crowns use computer-aided design and manufacturing to create crowns in one dental visit. This is a convenient way to restore a broken tooth.

A broken tooth can receive the right treatment to restore its health

Accidents, decay, disease, and injury can cause dental damage. A tooth can crack, chip, fracture, or split. This can result in severe pain. Your dentist can restore your broken tooth with the right treatment. The proper repair technique can restore your tooth’s strength and health.

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