Can a Broken Tooth Lead to Infection?

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A broken tooth can lead to a variety of issues, like tooth decay and infection. Injuries causing a broken tooth can be from accidents like falls, a hit to the face, habits like tooth grinding, or biting into hard foods. At times, the damage caused by a broken tooth is so minor, you might not think that it requires emergency care. Unfortunately, this only increases the risk of the tooth becoming infected.

How a broken tooth can lead to infection

The severity of a broken tooth is what determines how likely it is to lead to an infection. A minor break that only affects the outer surface of a tooth, the enamel, is unlikely to lead to infection, since the pulp chamber in that scenario is probably intact.

Severe breaks that reach the innermost layers of a tooth are the type that lead to infection. The damage opens up the pulp chamber, leaving the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues there exposed to bacteria in the mouth. At that point, it is only a matter of time before the tooth is infected, if it is left untreated.

A tooth infection always counts as a dental emergency because it can spread to other parts of the body, like the brain, where it can be life-threatening. An infection that has progressed can also lead to the tooth being extracted if there is a serious chance of the infection spreading through the tooth’s root.

Preventing a broken tooth from becoming infected

Root canals are usually performed when a broken tooth has a compromised pulp chamber. Patients are injected with a local anesthetic before the procedure, so they do not feel any pain as their tooth is worked on.

Root canals involve drilling a hole into the damaged tooth so the dentist can remove its contents using special metal tools. Once the area has been cleaned out, the area is disinfected before being sealed with a rubbery type of filling called gutta-percha.

Teeth that have been repaired with a root canal are often covered up with crowns for extra protection. The crown also restores the appearance of the damaged tooth and restores its function.

Root canals can also be used to treat an infected tooth. The procedure remains the same, and any pain and discomfort caused by the infection should be gone by the time the patient leaves the clinic.

Less severe damage to teeth can be fixed with procedures like composite bonding, which involves applying a putty-like resin directly to the tooth; veneers, which improve the aesthetics of damaged teeth; and crowns.

Restore your smile

Fixing your broken tooth does more than preventing infection. It brings an end to any discomfort being caused by the damage, and it restores the appearance of the damaged tooth. Call or visit our Maitland clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist.

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