Dental Bonding From a General Dentist

Dental Bonding Maitland, FL

If you have discolored or chipped teeth, you might want to consider dental bonding. The procedure involves applying a natural color resin to one or more teeth. The goal is to improve flaws to give you a better smile. Issues that the dentist can correct could include stains, chips, broken teeth, and cracks.

About the pros and cons

Dental bonding is relatively simple, unlike other dental procedures. Many times, it does not cause pain, and the patient does not need any anesthesia. It also costs less than similar procedures, like crowns and veneers. That makes it a budget-friendly option for improving a smile. Plus, it is useful for minor problems.

Patients who want to recontour or reshape their teeth might choose to bond as well. It is easy and quick. It only takes one office visit. Many procedures take multiple appointments. Still, there are a few drawbacks to stay aware of.

For instance, it can repair stains on the teeth, but the resin might stain too. That means the patient will need to avoid some kinds of beverages and foods. Plus, veneers and crowns can resist breakage better. These restorations might last longer than bonding does as well.

How the procedure works

First, patients should find an experienced dentist. Bonding takes some skill to do well. Next, the patient will need to have a consultation with the dentist. That way, the patient can see if they are the right candidate. The dentist does not need to use anesthesia for the patient for pain before placing the bonding. To begin, the dentist will start with a shade guide to find the right color match. Next, the tooth has to get roughened up, allowing the bonding to adhere better.

The dentist will place a liquid over the tooth. That is a bonding agent, so the material adheres better. Composite resin goes over that as well. The dents can shape and mold it, so it matches the teeth’s shape. Finally, they can use a light to harden the material.

Caring for the bonding

Care for the material is the same as other teeth. That includes flossing and brushing regularly. It is good to avoid beverages and foods that cause stains, like tea and red wine. Patients should also avoid tobacco products to prevent yellowing. To keep the bonding free of breaks or chips, patients should avoid hard candies or foods. That includes ice.

With the right care, bonding can last for several years, depending on where it is. The way the teeth meet when biting down is also a factor. Bonding near the tooth’s edge might be more likely to break because chewing and biting causes extreme force. Plus, hard foods might cause bonding to weaken.

Choose the right dental bonding today

If you think dental bonding is right for you, you should make an appointment with your dentist. The dentist can help you decide if you are the right candidate. Making an appointment today lets you gain more information. Then you will be well on your way toward having a better smile.

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